With its perfect symbiosis of timeless elegance and authentic craftsmanship, the new AKASA wallcovering collection will transform your wall into a true work of art. The high-quality wallcoverings add an extravagant ethnic look with African flair to any living space.

Inspired by Africa’s rich traditions and exotic beauty, each pattern tells its own story and showcases the endless diversity of African culture. These intriguing patterns are interpretations of endless desert landscapes, mysterious jungles, natural forms that are reflected in the art of handicrafts and also simply what nature creates.

The JOLA design features an impressive and individual and elegant palm tree print and ENEO depicts the fascinating expanse of the African savannah. The BASMA and PAPYRUS designs captivate with works of art created using simple tools or made from natural materials. Each one invites you on a stylish journey through the continent of contrasts.

ZAMA and RUFARO present two very special designs in the form of wall images in different dimensions and colourways. An oversized, coarsely woven fabric with a beautiful ethnic pattern and magnificent colour gradient, and an extravagant depiction of tree bark sewn together.

The wallpaper plain CLAY perfectly complements the range of patterns. Reminiscent of a natural and roughly plastered clay wall, this plain wallcovering imparts a special warmth and soul to any room.
The AKASA collection comprises 28 non-woven wallpapers and 6 wall murals in different colours and sizes. The wide colour palette offers a variety of natural colours in light and dark tones such as off-white, cream, beige, sandstone, camel, golden brown and anthracite to bright colours such as yellow gold, desert red, pacific blue and dark green. Individual metallic effects cleverly emphasise the interplay between matt and gloss in many designs.

304687 ENEO offwhite

304694 ENEO sandstone

304700 ENEO anthracite

304717 ENEO pacific blue

304724 ENEO dark green

304731 JOLA offwhite

304748 JOLA sandstone

304755 JOLA anthracite

304762 JOLA yellow

304779 JOLA pacific blue

304786 JOLA golden brown

304793 JOLA dark green

304809 PAPYRUS offwhite

304816 PAPYRUS desert red

304823 PAPYRUS yellow

304830 BASMA offwhite

304847 BASMA anthracite

304854 BASMA sandstone

304861 BASMA golden brown

304915 CLAY offwhite

304922 CLAY creme

304939 CLAY beige

304946 CLAY desert red

304953 CLAY yellow

304960 CLAY pacific blue

304977 CLAY brown

304984 CLAY caramel

304991 CLAY dark green


302416 ZAMA umbra 3,00 m x 3,18 m

302515 ZAMA umbra 2,65 m x 2,65 m

302423 ZAMA red 3,00 m x 3,18 m

303522 ZAMA red 2,65 m x 2,65 m

302508 ZAMA pacific 3,00 m x 3,18 m

303895 ZAMA pacific 2,65 m x 2,65 m

303901 RUFARO natural 3,00 m x 3,18 m

303932 RUFARO natural 2,65 m x 2,65 m

303918 RUFARO Mauve 3,00 m x 3,18 m

303949 RUFARO Mauve 2,65 m x 2,65 m

303925 RUFARO offwhite 3,00 m x 3,18 m

303956 RUFARO offwhite 2,65 m x 2,65 m