“Beauty is the flower of happiness.” (Japanese proverb)

With "Emil & Hugo", we celebrate the life’s work of our founding fathers with an enriching and creative journey around the world. A look at distant countries and different cultures provides a source of inspiration, opening our eyes to the aesthetics of the exotic. The SENSAI collection takes us to Japan – the land of the rising sun. SENSAI is perhaps best translated as ‘delicate’, ‘exquisite’ or ‘fine’. Defined by these qualities, Japanese art has influenced the work of artists and designers of Western cultures since time immemorial: van Gogh worked on several woodcuts in the late 19th century, for instance, fascinated by the balanced colour compositions and perspectives of Japanese art. SENSAI thrives on these traditional Japanese style elements, combining them with novel, contemporary influences to create a vibrant and balanced collection.

A colourful pattern of shimmering gold as is typical of origami paper adorns the design YUZEN. KUSA features exquisite grass with finely wrought lines in gold. ZEN GARDEN comprises a fascinating 3D effect, while the well-known and precious koi carp from Japan adorns the KOI motif in shiny gold or copper. The digital prints SUWA-KO, TOKUSHIMA GARDEN and TOKIO each represent Japanese culture in their own distinctive way – whether as a traditional woodcut, an imaginative depiction of Japanese gardens or abstract shapes echoing the urban architecture of Tokyo.

The sophisticated and graphic designs HANIKAMU, ORIGAMI and WABI-SABI merge Japanese art and modern design style to produce fascinating colour schemes. Matching these striking designs, there is a wide range of solid-colour wall-coverings that harmonise with the various patterns.

The SENSAI collection includes 49 non-woven wallpapers and 9 digital prints, which are produced by means of the direct-to-fleece printing process. The colour palette includes timeless home decor colours such as off-white, champagne, linen, warm grey and anthracite, with Capsicum Red, Emerald, Wasabi, Teal, Laguna, Midnight Blue and Dark Petrol as trend colours. With their metallic effects, silver, bronze, copper and light gold add a varied matt gloss finish.

295138 YUZEN laguna & light gold

295145 YUZEN emerald & gold

295152 YUZEN capsicum red & gold

295169 YUZEN dark blue & copper

295176 KUSA wasabi

295183 KUSA champagne

295190 KUSA teal

297804 KUSA dark petrol

298962 ZEN GARDEN offwhite & black

298979 ZEN GARDEN capsicum red & black

297989 KOI black & gold

297996 KOI grey & copper

297811 HANIKAMU laguna

297828 HANIKAMU black & gold

297835 HANIKAMU offwhite

297842 HANIKAMU emerald & gold

297859 HANIKAMU capsicum red & gold

297866 ORIGAMI dark olive

297873 ORIGAMI teal & metallic red

297880 ORIGAMI offwhite

297897 ORIGAMI champagne

297903 ORIGAMI grey

297910 ORIGAMI dark blue & copper

297927 WABI-SABI linen

297934 WABI-SABI offwhite

297941 WABI-SABI light grey

297958 WABI-SABI emerald

297965 WABI-SABI capsicum red

297972 WABI-SABI rust

298986 Shine light wasabi

296319 Shine teal

293714 Shine linen

296401 Shine rouge noire

293738 Shine laguna

293745 Shine champagne

296258 Shine anthrazit

296371 Shine offwhite

296364 Shine silver

293783 Shine azure blue

226514 SHINE bronze

293769 Shine capsicum red

293776 Shine emerald

299945 Stone offwhite

299938 Stone linen

299921 Stone warm grey

299952 Stone dark petrol

297644 Stone light gold

293707 Shine midnight blue

digital murals

296487 SUWA-KO blue print

296494 SUWA-KO sepia

296500 SUWA-KO black & white

296517 TOKUSHIMA GARDEN sunset

296524 TOKUSHIMA GARDEN blue print

296531 TOKUSHIMA GARDEN neutral

296456 TOKIO multicolor

296463 TOKIO blue & green

296470 TOKIO terra