Casa Mérida

"Viva la vida!".

The label "Emil & Hugo“ by Rasch Textil celebrates the life's work of the two founding fathers of the company. Because we are proud of our roots, which continue to inspire the creative energy of our designers. In pursuit of the most beautiful and fascinating designs of today and tomorrow, we continue our journey of discovery around the world.

This time, we find ourselves in Mérida, the capital of Yucatán in Mexico and declare it to be our absolute favourite in terms of culture and lifestyle. With its colourful, vibrant and profound designs, the collection successfully and uniquely combines the Mexican temperament with the modern:

The UXMAL design invokes the pyramid shape of the famous Maya ruins near Mérida, the EL PALMAR motif is inspired by the exotic palm tree species Livistona Benthami and represents the untouched flora of the nature park of the same name, while the MIRADOR digital print means "the eye-catcher“ and at the same time embodies the famous Maya metropolis.

Fall in love with the exciting shapes of the designs LUIS BARRAGÁN, TEATRO COLÓN, CONSTRUCTIVISM or CARLOS MÉRIDA. Architectural, three-dimensional, geometric or large-leaf botanical motifs let your walls exude Latin American joie de vivre: Exciting, colourful, a little mysterious and totally trendy. With robust colours juxtaposing in clear matt and gloss, every design becomes a powerful interior statement.

The CASA MÉRIDA collection comprises 41 items printed digitally or directly onto fleece. In addition to subtle living colours such as off-white, linen, sand and moon, there are also real eye-catchers here in Izamal yellow, copper, capsium red, emerald, aqua, ocean, midnight blue, silver, gold and black.

290744 Teatro Colón midnight blue & copper

290751 Teatro Colón capsicum red

290768 Teatro Colón black & gold

290775 Teatro Colón izamal yellow

290782 Teatro Colón azure blue & emerald

290799 Teatro Colón offwhite

290805 Constructivism capsicum red

290812 Constructivism laguna & izamal yellow

290829 Constructivism capsicum red & emerald

290836 Constructivism azure blue & emerald

290843 Constructivism moon grey

290850 Uxmal black & gold

290867 Uxmal black & champagne

290874 Uxmal offwhite & champagne

290881 Uxmal midnight blue & copper

290898 El Palmar laguna & izamal yellow

290904 El Palmar azure blue & emerald

290911 El Palmar capsicum red & silver

290928 El Palmar midnight blue & copper

290935 El Palmar black & gold

290942 El Palmar offwhite & champagne

290959 Carlos Mérida laguna & izamal yellow

290966 Carlos Mérida midnight blue & orange

290973 Carlos Mérida capsicum red & emerald

290980 Carlos Mérida moon grey

293707 Shine midnight blue

293714 Shine linen

293721 Shine copper

293738 Shine laguna

293745 Shine champagne

293752 Shine izamal yellow

293769 Shine capsicum red

293776 Shine emerald

293783 Shine azure blue

293790 Shine offwhite

293806 Shine silver

293813 Shine rouge noir

293820 Shine anthrazit

293837 Shine bronze


291086 Luis Barragán multicolor

291093 Luis Barragán moon grey

291109 Biosfera midnight blue & orange

291116 Biosfera green

291277 Mirador multicolor

291307 Mirador sage green

291376 Mirador sahara red