"At the seaside, time is in no hurry."

For our EMIL & HUGO collections, we have been able to visit many special, breathtaking and diverse corners on our trip around the world. Given that MOANA means “ocean” in many Polynesian languages, we are leaving solid ground behind for our latest collection and are taking a deep dive into the fascinating underwater world of Polynesia.

The aspect of life under the surface of the water creates a sense of peace and calm. It opens up this strange, captivating world with its unique and fantastic biodiversity. This is precisely the flair that we want to convey with the various designs, soft structures and colours and thus recreate a relaxed mood on indoor walls.

The CORALLIUM, ANTHOZOA and CORAL STONE designs graphically and artistically reproduce countless corals motifs. VENUS, TRIDACNA and JACOB cleverly show how shells with delicate mother of pearl can be used as an eye-catching feature on the wall. ANUBIAS, ATLANTIS and REEF feature imaginative depictions of the underwater flora, a mystical, sunken island kingdom or a diverse scenery with a wide variety of fish and other sea creatures native to tropical coral reefs.

The MOANA collection includes 32 design wallpapers and 17 monochromes from the SHINE, SEDA and STONE series, both produced in non-woven direct and digital printing techniques, as well as 10 digital murals in two different dimensions. The extensive colour selection ranges from off-white, beige, light gold, taupe and warm grey to aqua, coral red, dark brown, deep sea blue and anthracite.

300474 Corallium Beige & Coral Red

300481 Corallium Aqua

300498 Corallium Cream & Light Gold

300504 Corallium Anthracite & Gold

300511 Anthozoa Cream

300528 Anthozoa Beige

300535 Anthozoa Aqua

300542 Anthozoa Gold

300559 Anthozoa Deepsea Blue

300566 Jacob Gold

300573 Jacob Taupe

300825 Jacob Beige

300832 Jacob Warm Grey & Aqua

300849 Jacob Anthracite

300597 Venus Cream

300603 Venus Beige

300610 Venus Gold

300627 Venus Taupe

300634 Venus Anthracite

300641 Coral Stone Cream

300658 Coral Stone Beige

300665 Coral Stone Taupe

300672 Coral Stone Anthracite

300689 Coral Stone Coral Red

300771 Anubias Cream

300788 Anubias Aqua & Warm Grey

300795 Anubias Taupe & Brown

300801 Anubias Offwhite & Coral Red

300818 Anubias Deepsea Blue

300856 Reef Cream & Yellow

300863 Reef Aqua

300870 Reef Coral Red

300696 Stone Champagne

300702 Stone Sand

300719 Stone Warm Grey

300726 Stone Aqua

300733 Stone Blue

300740 Stone Anthracite

300757 Stone Dark Beige

300764 Stone Light Taupe

301365 Stone Beige

301372 Stone Offwhite

300580 Seda Beige

301334 Seda Offwhite

301341 Seda Roségold

301358 Seda Cream

301327 Shine Light Gold


300887 Tridacna Gold 3,18m x 3,00m

300962 Tridacna Gold 2,65m x 2,65m

300894 Tridacna Offwhite 3,18m x 3,00m

300979 Tridacna Offwhite 2,65m x 2,65m

300900 Tridacna Black 3,18m x 3,00m

300986 Tridacna Black 2,65m x 2,65m

301129 Tridacna Coral Red 2,65m x 2,65m

301136 Tridacna Coral Red 3,18m x 3,00m

300917 Atlantis Coral Red 3,18m x 3,00m

300993 Atlantis Coral Red 2,65m x 2,65m

300924 Atlantis Pastel 3,18m x 3,00m

301082 Atlantis Pastel 2,65m x 2,65m

300931 Atlantis Blue 3,18m x 3,00m

301099 Atlantis Blue 2,65m x 2,65m

300948 Coral Stone Grande Beige 4,24m x 3,00m

301105 Coral Stone Grande Beige 3,71m x 2,65m

300955 Coral Stone Grande Taupe 4,24m x 3,00m

301112 Coral Stone Grande Taupe 3,71m x 2,65m

301143 Coral Stone Grande Black 3,71m x 2,65m

301150 Coral Stone Grande Black 4,24m x 3,00m