"Those who know their roots can travel far".

The new label "Emil & Hugo" by Rasch Textil is a tribute to the founding fathers of the wallpaper factory of the very same name. Their sensitivity to the trends of the times and the new spirit of Art Deco, coupled with the essential pioneering spirit, gave the family business its typical design and colour affinity at a very early stage in its development. Knowing where we come from allows us to shape a sustainable product development with a great deal of experience, courage and trust.
With the ZANZIBAR collection – the premiere of the "Emil & Hugo" brand – we commence on a journey around the world in search of the finest designs. The Zanzibar archipelago, formerly known as Spice Islands, is the gateway to the Indian Ocean thanks to the influences of numerous cultures and offers creative people a wealth of inspiration. We have been inspired by the cultural and natural richness and have seasoned it with the spirit of the times. Join us in our search for the legendary Zanzibar leopard. Decorate your walls with precious textures and sensual patterns. Let go and savour elegant forms of sophisticated exoticism. Sit back and be surprised by the stories of the designs.

The collection includes 41 non-woven wallpapers and 8 digital designs with a coloristic focus in: Saffron yellow, coral red, petrol, sage green, warm grey, stonewashed indigo, sand, smoke blue, slate grey and emerald green.

289823 Papyrus Sage-Green & Creme

289830 Papyrus Stonewashed-Indigo & Beige

289854 Teatro bronze

289861 Teatro Beige

289878 Teatro coral-red

289885 Teatro smaragd-green

289892 Domino Chic bronze

289908 Domino Chic Creme

289922 Domino Chic Warm-Grey

289939 Domino Chic Beige

289946 Domino Chic Smoke-Blue & Gold

289953 Silk Coral-Red

289960 Silk Creme

289977 Silk Sage-Green

289984 Silk Smoke-Blue

289991 Silk smaragd-green

290003 Silk Beige

290010 Silk Saffron-Yellow

290027 Silk Stonewashed-Indigo

290034 Silk gold

290041 Silk Sand

290058 Silk Warm-Grey

290065 Palm Bouquet Saffron-Yellow

290072 Palm Bouquet Sand

290089 Palm Bouquet smaragd-green

290096 Palm Bouquet coral-red

290119 Palm Bouquet Offwhite

290126 Palm Bouquet Stonewashed-Indigo

290133 Marble Tiles anthracite-grey

290140 Marble Tiles Offwhite

290157 Marble Tiles

290164 Marble Tiles Warm-Grey

290171 Marble Tiles Sand

290188 Basalt Creme

290195 Basalt smaragd-green

290201 Basalt Sage-Green

290218 Basalt Warm-Grey

290225 Composition coral-red

290232 Composition Sage-Green

290249 Composition Smoke-Blue & Gold

290256 Composition Beige

digital murals

290263 Bloom Déco coral-red & smoke-blue

290270 Bloom Déco smaragd-green & saffron-yellow

290287 Bloom Déco stonewashed-indigo & sand

290294 Jozani Forest warm-grey & sand

290300 Jozani Forest smaragd-green

290317 Jozani Forest smaragd-green & sand

290324 Zanzibar Leopard sand

290331 Zanzibar Leopard stonewashed-indigo