"Fine feathers make fine birds? - And fine wallcoverings make fine walls!".

Trying out new things, exploring new avenues and helping to shape the world of tomorrow -
these are the challenges that excite our creative minds. True to the motto:
“What we do today will determine what the world of tomorrow will look like.”*
So we have asked ourselves: Given that "apparel maketh the man", how can fine wallpaper do the same for your four walls? What designs, patterns and colours should wallpaper have, and how should it feel to the touch to become a fashionist item?

Our OXFORD collection meets these requirements in a refreshingly new way, and our "wall covering" principle offers a surprising new appearance, for which we have drawn our inspiration from the "layered look" familiar from the fashion world: High-quality 130 g nonwoven is printed with highly fashionable structures from the fashion sector and laminated half-open with a thread of 100% viscose. This lends a material look and feel to our fabrics and adds at the same time the greatest possible lightness to the product. A finely balanced interplay between the upper and bottom layer, from which both sides can only benefit. SHEPHERD’S PLAID or SHEPHERD’S SQUARE features interpretations of the popular hound's-tooth pattern; CHEVRON is gentle despite its typical zigzag, while WILD LINEN delights with a two-tone linen look and CREPE with a narrow vertical rhythm. And while these wallpaper patterns will add a really well-appointed look to your walls, the BLOCKS design in your living room will be an it-piece that sets a fashionable tone and is clean-cut.

The OXFORD collection comprises a total of 41 items: 30 wallpapers were created using the new semi-open laminating technology, while 11 plain-coloured wallpapers were added to our basic range. The wide colour palette ranges from cotton white/nature, cotton white/light blue and cotton white/petrol to nature/multicoloured, black-and-white/grey, warm grey, and slushy beige to rouge/blue, putty/petrol, vanilla/cognac red and brown/rust/grey.

*Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, 1830-1916, author

088976 Crepe Warm Grey

088990 Wild Linen Brown-Rust

089584 Chevron Offwhite-Petrol

089591 Chevron Nature

089607 Chevron Slushy Beige

089614 Chevron Cotton White-Light Blue

089621 Chevron Black & White

089638 Chevron Blue-Pink

089645 Chevron Cognac-Red

089652 Blocks Nature-Slushy Beige

089669 Blocks Grey-Anthrazit-Blue

089683 Blocks Creme-Blue-Pink-Turquoise

089690 Blocks Grey-Anthrazit-Rust

089706 Wild Linen Nature

089713 Wild Linen Kit-Petrol

089720 Wild Linen Blue-Cotton White

089737 Shepherd's Square Cotton White-Nature

089744 Shepherd's Square Cotton White-Lightblue

089751 Shepherd's Square Cotton White-Petrol

089768 Shepherd's Square Black White-Grey

089775 Shepherd's Square Vanilla-Orange-Red

089782 Sheperd's Plaid Nature-Slushy Beige

089799 Sheperd's Plaid Kit-Petrol

089805 Sheperd's Plaid Nature-Multicolored

089812 Sheperd's Plaid Grey-Anthrazit-Rust

089829 Crepe Cotton White

089836 Crepe Slushy Beige

089843 Crepe Kit

089867 Crepe Brown

089881 Crepe Turquoise

093178 Uni Cotton White

093147 Uni Creme

093215 Uni Vanilla

093222 Uni Grey

093154 Uni Slushy Beige

093192 Uni Light Blue

093208 Uni Pink

093161 Uni Nature

093185 Uni Warm Grey

093130 Uni Brown

093123 Uni Light Brown