"Freshly inspired and strongly combined".

It is back! Our popular and deeply relaxed feel-good collection. With new designs and trendy colours for living environments, SAKURA is the star in the segment for naturally beautiful wallcovering collections and enters the shapely and colourfast footsteps of its predecessor, the Rivera collection. You get what you want from us:
Atmospheric, yet easy-to-understand designs, plus our popular linen unifold in a wide range of colours. Whether in the entrance area, bedroom or living room: You have the images in your head straight away.

SAKURA serves to reflect different styles in the thematic fields of botanicals and wildlife: Exotic seduction as a result of the SAFARI and ELDORADO designs, Asian elegance on the BAMBOO and SAKURA wallcoverings and the native plant world with the FLOWERFIELD motif. The geometric design of RHOMBUS creates a neutral connection of all motifs in its soft design.

The 19-piece plain series in a linen look perfectly complements the 6 designs and covers a wide range of colours:
Cotton White, Powder and Soft Rouge, linen shades in Sand, Caramel, Slushy Beige and Vintage Moss, stone colours in Frozen Grey, Cliff Grey, Broken Stone, Mud Grey, Moon Grey and Anthracite, green shades in Egg Shell, Sage Green and Cottage Green, blue shades in Deep Aqua and Blue Jeans and a warm yellow shade in Cognac.
In the background of each design, the unistructure is repeated, resulting in optimal combination possibilities.

This collection was produced using the popular Airknife technology with gravure printing on a 130 g high-quality nonwoven fabric.
The classic block stripe in a linen look from Unis rounds off the 49-leaf assortment.

295527 Leinenuni Egg Shell

295541 Leinenuni Slushy Beige

295558 Leinenuni Vintage Moos

295565 Leinenuni Sand

295572 Leinenuni Cotton White

295589 Leinenuni Frozen Grey

295596 Leinenuni Caramel

295619 Leinenuni Broken Stone

295626 Leinenuni Deep Aqua

295633 Leinenuni Powder

295640 Leinenuni Soft Rouge

295695 Leinenuni Anthrazit

296005 Leinenuni Cliff Grey

291123 Leinenuni Mud Grey

291130 Leinenuni Blue Jeans

291147 Leinenuni Moon Grey

291154 Leinenuni Cognac

291178 Leinenuni Sage Green

291185 Leinenuni Cottage Green

295725 Streifen Slushy Beige-Vintage Moos

295732 Streifen Cottonwhite-Sand

295749 Streifen Caramel

295756 Streifen Anthrazit-Cliff Grey

291246 Streifen Egg Shell-Sage Green

295879 Sakura Cotton White

295886 Sakura Deep Aqua

291253 Sakura Cottage Green

291260 Sakura Frozen Grey

291604 Sakura Slushy Beige

291284 Flowerfield Slushy Beige

291291 Flowerfield Egg Shell

291321 Flowerfield Moon Grey

291369 Bamboo Cotton White-Greige

291390 Bamboo Cotton White-Powder

291406 Bamboo Egg Shell-Cognac

292144 Bamboo Slushy Beige-Grey Shades

292151 Bamboo Sand-Deep Aqua

291413 Rhombus Cotton White-Sand

291420 Rhombus Frozen Grey-Anthrazit

291437 Rhombus Caramel-Blue Jeans

291444 Rhombus Slushy Beige-Broken Stone

291451 Eldorado Cotton White-Natural

291468 Eldorado Anthrazit-RedPetrol

291499 Eldorado Cotton White-Multicolored

291505 Eldorado Caramel-Stone-Red

291550 Eldorado Caramel-Blue Jeans-Orange

291574 Safari Cotton White-Sand

291581 Safari Cognac-Mud Grey

291598 Safari Cliff Grey-Anthrazit