"Fa' a Samoa – Enjoy the sweetness of life".

"Talofa!" - a happy "Hello" from the island group SAMOA. In search of new and exciting designs for our brand EMIL & HUGO, this time it has taken us to the most relaxed island in the South Sea. Here, the dolce color niente is still part of the culture of life. So you can take a cool stroll past the TARO banana plantation or be impressed by numerous waterfalls and palm forests, including CASCADE and UPOLU. You will be able to discover a lot on the trail of our designs of the same name: The reputation of the national bird MANUMEA accompanies its journey to the Samoan capital APIA. They enjoy breathtaking views of the TAFUA rainforest reserve or the coral reef PALOLO and dream into the landscape of the famous volcano MATAVANU. Our insider tip: Why not visit a Fiafia in the evening and celebrate Fa'a Samoa – the Samoan way to live.

Have you got a taste for it?
Then we recommend our E&H SAMOA wallpaper collection to you, which includes all this and much more. Bring the spirit of the South Sea island into your 4 walls. You can look forward to our new wall scenes TAFUA, UPOLU and CASCADE_digital and discover the full range of possible combinations.
You don't have time? Still have an appointment? This can wait or as the Samoan says

“E mafai ona fa'atali!”
The SAMOA collection comprises 30 design wallpapers and 16 unis from the SHINE and STONE series in nonwoven-direct and digital printing techniques. In addition to subtle living colours such as off-white, champagne and linen, you will also find real eye-catchers in emerald, dark petrol, coral red or anthracite gold.
The “Emil & Hugo” label celebrates the life’s work of the two founding fathers of the wallpaper factory. We proudly remember our roots, which continue to inspire the creative power of our designers to this day.

300061 Tafua yellow & grey

300078 Tafua blue & red

300085 Tafua wasabi & curry

300092 Tafua emerald & peach

300108 Apia offwhite

300115 Apia champagne

300122 Apia red

300139 Apia black & gold

300146 Apia wasabi

300153 Apia emerald

300160 Manumea blue & green

300177 Manumea champagne

300184 Manumea warm grey

300191 Manumea anthrazit & gold

300207 Manumea dark green

300214 Manumea offwhite & aqua

300221 Taro dark petrol

300238 Taro offwhite

300245 Taro warm grey

300252 Taro anthrazit & gold

300269 Tillandsia dark petrol & bronze

300276 Tillandsia offwhite

300283 Tillandsia black & yellow gold

300290 Tillandsia warm grey

300306 Palolo offwhite

300313 Palolo yellow

300320 Palolo champagne

300337 Palolo red

300344 Palolo emerald

300351 Palolo aqua & grey

300368 Shine warm grey

296371 Shine offwhite

296364 Shine silver

226514 SHINE bronze

298986 Shine light wasabi

296258 Shine anthrazit

290997 Shine midnight blue

291000 Shine linen

291024 Shine laguna

291031 Shine champagne

291048 Shine izamal yellow

291055 Shine capsicum red

291062 Shine emerald

291079 Shine azure blue

299945 Stone offwhite

299952 Stone dark petrol


300436 Upolu black & white

300375 Upolu sepia

300429 Matavanu neutral

300443 Matavanu green

300412 Matavanu blue

300382 Cascade pastel

300405 Cascade earth

300399 Cascade green & blue

300450 Tafua petrol